About FortyplusFit

FortyplusFit was born out of a frustration of no real, targeted fitness advice aimed primarily at people over the age of forty.

As we age, our bodies no longer respond to nutrition and exercise as they did during our twenties and as such we need to change up our eating and exercising to ensure we optimise our results.

Rest, also takes up a new part in our recovery. When we exercise with our twenty year old mindset, our forty year old body responds in kind – only more often than not in a negative way. Perhaps you find yourself exhausted all the time or no longer see results improving whether it be in the gym or at the waist line.

Understanding your new body and how best to structure your workouts and nutrition, you will start to see the results you were hoping for when starting to exercise or diet again.

We hope you find the information as useful as we have while learning, applying and sharing it.


Wish you all the best on your journey!